Location: Custer State Park, SD

Directions: From The “Fish ‘n Fry Campground” – Go left on 385 S to US-16 W. Take 87-SD south to Custer State Park. 

Photo Credit: Various


Custer State Park is home to a famous herd of 1500 free roaming bison.Elk, mule deer, white tailed deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, mountain lions, and feral burros also inhabit the park. The park is famous for its scenery, its scenic drives (Needles Highway and the wildlife loop), with views of the bison herd and prairie dog towns. This park is easily accessible by road from Rapid City. Other nearby attractions are Wind Cave National Park, Mount Rushmore, Jewel Cave National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Badlands National Park.”