In my past life as a superintendent of schools, I was often faced with the decision on when to call a snow day.  It’s really a “danged if you do and danged if you don’t decision”.  While students and teachers are sitting home with their fingers crossed that they will have a day at home, parents are sitting home with their fingers crossed that there will be school!  Then the snowstorm may or may not develop;  it may even pass by.  My bottom line was always to err on the side of safety and caution for the people involved.

Sometimes it seems to be the same way as a campground owner (on a smaller scale).  Today is a beautiful 74 degrees in the Black Hills and folks are itching to get out their toys and out of their houses back into nature.  On the other hand, it is still not spring and those of us who live in the area know that there will be at least one more big snow before opening date in May.  We had 11″ of snow on May 11th one year….the day before opening!

Our choice of our May 12th opening this year is generally due to the following:

-It will snow again (and we need the moisture);

-Snow and ice can be dangerous for our guests and staff;

-There are not many travelers out yet in the area, and

-If it gets below 20 degrees for more than a day our waterlines will freeze.

So while we are anxious and waiting to meet you and host you at our fabulous park, it will have to wait just a while longer.  See you soon and Happy Spring Is Just Around the Corner Day!!!